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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry Delivers Great Patient Benefits

Kavo laser dentistry offers unparalleled

precision and comfort.

The Kavo Key 3 laser allows for many procedures to be completed without the need for “freezing”, and prepares the tooth without trauma due to vibration or heat. Due to the nature of the technology, the preparations can be very conservative, reducing the amount of healthy tooth structure that is removed, while decontaminating the site to help reduce the chances of recurring decay.

The Kavo Key 3 is also indicated for many procedures other than cavity preparation such as tooth desensitization, cold sores, periodontal treatment, and many other soft tissue, and bone augmentation procedures.


Absolutely. There are more than 250 international clinical studies that verify the safe use, and efficiency of the Kavo Key 3 laser.

No. The light wavelength that is used by the Kavo Key 3 laser is a long wavelength (2940 nm). This wavelength is too long to penetrate the cells or modify DNA. This wavelength is very different than UV light, and x-rays.

No. The laser is not indicated for removing amalgam fillings (silver fillings), and may not be the instrument of choice for some other large restorations such as crowns. Talk to your Dentist about which procedures the laser would be best for.

Be sure to ask your dentist how the Kavo Key 3 laser can help make your next appointment comfortable. Call us today or contact us for more information below.

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